Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. About costadeivini.com
1.1. Who is costadeivini.com?
1.2. How is costadeivini.com different from other sites?
1.3. Are costadeivini.com prices fair?
1.4. There are lots of images and texts presented on the website. What origins are they of?
1.5. Is costadeivini.com able to source wine not offered on the site?

2. How to order wines on costadeivini.com?
2.1. How do I search for wines?
2.2. How to use Advanced Product Search?
2.3. Is there a minimum purchase on costadeivini.com?
2.4. What is the optimal size of the order? Are there any quantitative discounts available?
2.5. Can I save my selection of wines, not yet purchased, and return at a later date?
2.6. How do I complete a purchase?
2.7. Will I receive a confirmation that my ordered is accepted and paid?
2.8. Are my payments secure?
2.9. Can I send a message or card along with a wine gift?

3. Shipping with costadeivini.com
3.1. Where can be wine shipped?
3.2. Who is arranging the delivery?
3.3. Is your package enough safe for delivery of wine?
3.4. What are your delivery charges?
3.5. Can I optimize delivery costs?
3.6. When will I receive my shipment?
3.7. Can it happen, that something is out of stock?
3.8. What if no one is home to meet the courier?
3.9. Can I return the wine for any reason?
3.10. How do you manage with the damaged goods?
3.11. What if it is a “corked wine”?

4. What is the policy of costadeivini.com regarding privacy?


1. About costadeivini.com
1.1 Who is costadeivini.com?
We are wine retailing company Costa dei vini Srl registered in Italian province Livorno (Tuscany). Main activity of the company is concentrated around this online project costadeivini.it. Name Costa dei Vini reflects the essence of the project as in Italian it means The coast of wines.
The entire project was conceived in 2008 by wine enthusiasts from Northern Europe. Being visited Tuscany and particularly its coast as tourists for many times, creators of the website fell in love with this area and decided to launch an online project for promoting the area all along the Tuscan coast as well as local winemakers with their wine.
For that they had to learn this land even more systematically, to visit vast number of places producing fine wine, to meet hundreds of people involved into production and sales, and eventually to chose the best ones, or let’s say, “indicative” ones to be presented in the project.
As a result the creators of website now live on the coast and manage the project “on the spot”.

The company’s main office (and also Costa dei vini wine shop “Via Aurelia 123”) is at:

Via Aurelia 123, Donoratico
57022 Castagneto Carducci
(Livorno) Italy
Phone: +39 392 889 5011
Email: info@costadeivini.it

Company’s registry code at commune of Castagneto Carducci (Livorno): 144926
VAT number: IT01639100492

1.2. How is costadeivini.com different from other e-commerce outlets?
It would not be an exaggeration to say, that this site is unique.
First of all, we deal with all the wine producers presented on the website directly as we know the people managing the estates and the people making the wine personally.
For the second, we have visited all the estates more than once and we keep visiting them in order to update ourselves with developments and latest changes initiated at the wineries.
We’re passionate about wine and believe that knowing more about the places where the wines come from, the grape varieties and winemaking techniques, can enhance your wine drinking experience and inspire you to experiment with wines made in various styles with a use of different, sometimes unknown, grape varieties.
For the third, this site is created basing on personal experience of wine buyer. Having an experience of ordering various wines through the internet as private consumers for numerous amount of times before, we believe that we’ve managed to built an easy-to-use online environment, where is possible not only to shop wine, but also to learn about the grape varieties used, vinification techniques applied as well as the wine estates and its people.
Apart of introduction of every winery you may use other additional features of the website such as maps with producers’ locations on it and Enopedia, which will help you to obtain general information about grape varieties, viticulture, wine appellations (local wine law) and more.

1.3. Are costadeivini.com prices fair?
Yes, they are. Working directly with the producer gives us possibility to maintain the most competitive prices available on the market as we do not need to include any other fees or additional margins into the final price.
Our range of wines is carefully selected and reflects the diversity of the winemaking styles of coastal Tuscany. The producers participating in the project are known for following high quality standards at the same time being able to offer wines matching the “good value for money” criteria.
There are also expensive wines presented, whose cost reflects its high class and nobility, but the number of costly items is fairly compensated by wide selection of good quality products of cheaper price.
If you are able to buy in the other wine shop the same wine of the same vintage you purchased from costadeivini.it before, please send us the original receipt and we will compensate you the difference, buy giving you additional discount for future purchases.
All prices are offered in Euros and inclusive of Italian VAT (20%).

1.4. There are lots of images and texts presented on the website. What origins are they of?
Around 3/4 of the website’s images are original pictures taken by creators of the site and a subject to copyright of Costa dei vini Srl ©. The rest of the pictures are courtesy of the producers. Few pictures were purchased on www.istockpictures.com
Texts are mainly composed by creators of the website basing on personal experience and knowledge. Text About Tuscan coast is composed by renowned Belgian sommelier and wine writer Eric Boshman. Thanks Eric! www.eboschman.be
Introduction texts of the wineries are composed using various materials presented by producers as well as by the association “Grandi cru della costa Toscana” www.grandicru.it Interactive maps are based on materials presented by “Grandi cru della costa Toscana”. Using this opportunity we would like to say our special thanks to this association and to its president Ms. Ginevra Venerosi Pesciolini for great support.

1.5. Is costadeivini.com able to source Tuscany wine not offered on the site?
Yes, absolutely. We have a good relationships with local wine producers and wine agents. Please send us an email with detailed inquiry to our address info@costadeivini.it and we will respond to your enquiry within 24 hours.

2. How to search and order wines on costadeivini.com
2.1. How do I search for wines?
There are 3 main ways for searching wines on costadeivini.com.:
- The First way - via Wineries:
Go to Wineries page, there you will see a list of all the producers presented on the left and also interactive map of Tuscan coast, where you can choose any province and to see the producers’ locations on the map. By clicking either winery link on the left or its logo on the map you will appear on the producer’s page, where at the bottom of producer’s introduction will be listed all his wines in a form of “clickable” links.
- The Second way - via Shop Online!:
Go to Shop online! page. There you will find a list of entire product catalogue, you can check the product information by reading short description in the list view, but you may also access every wine’s product view by clicking the selected wine. Please note, that you may use Advanced Product Search menu on the left side of the Shop online! page.
- The Third way - via Advanced Product Search:
On the left side of every page as well as on Home, there is a big banner Advanced Product Search. By clicking it, you will see how banner will transform into a table with drop down menus.

2.2. How to use Advanced Product Search?
Every line of the drop down menu represents a search criteria which may help you to find correct product. You can search by Wine type, the Province and Appellation where the wine is produced, the Grape variety used, the Price level and the Producer’s name. Criteria Organic/Biodynamic will help you to find wines made with respect to the methods used in organic farming.
For example, Wine type displays: Red, White, Rosé, Dessert and Sparkling. Click on the type of wine you wish to browse and after pressing the button Show results you’ll be taken to that page.
You can narrow your search by clicking on multiple search criteria – for example, select Appellation / Bolgheri DOC and Grape variety / Cabernet Franc, then press Show results and you will see all wines produced under Bolgheri DOC containing Cabernet Franc grape. If you also chose 10-20 € from Price level, then your search will be even “funnelled” to wines in a price range between 10 and 20 Euros.
Having narrowed the search according to your criteria, the wines will be displayed in price ascending order.
When you have finished a search and wish to start another one, simply press the Reset button to go back to the original search menu. The same should be done in case you messed up something while selecting criteria - just reset your search and start again by clicking on the Reset key.
Our search options are dynamic – this means that they only display what is actually available in our wine list and relevant to your first selection. So if you click on Province / Lucca and then Grape variety, you won’t find line with Ansonica there, but only those grape varieties which are cultivated by our producers in Lucca province. Similarly if you click on Appellation, you will see only Luccan appellations Colline Lucchesi DOC and Montecarlo DOC supplemented with Toscana IGT being available in entire Tuscany, but not those ones which are presented in other provinces.

2.3. Is there a minimum purchase on costadeivini.com?
Yes, you must purchase at least 3 bottles – and actually it’s more cost effective to buy 6 or 12 because the shipping cost for most of countries is almost the same.

2.4. What is the optimal size of the order? Are there any quantitative discounts available?
We don’t mind whether you purchase 6 or 12 of the same bottle or if you make your own mixed case. All the individual bottle prices are already priced at fair level and if they were part of a mixed case. We are able to provide discounts in case you choose 12 bottles of the same product (for higher-price wine range - 6 bottles) by pressing Add to cart next to the price per case of 12 bottles (or per case of 6 bottles where available).
There are going to be also several Selections presented in our wine catalogue. You will find them by setting Wine type criteria for Selection in APS. Selections are normally 6 to 12 bottles of various wines selected by specific characteristics - for instance, in Reserve Whites Selection presented 6 white wines vinified in oak barrels. Normally the total price of the wines presented in selection is by 6-8% lower than if this wine was chosen into mixed order of individual bottles.

2.5. Can I save my selection of wines, not yet purchased and return at a later date?
Yes. When you are interested to purchase an item you simply click on the green basket icon Add to cart Add to cart on the wine list view page or inside the product page, and the item will be saved to your basket. When you click on Add to cart you will be taking to a Shopping Cart page where you can view your selections so far and decide whether to continue searching for wines or to proceed to checkout.
The value and number of your items selected to date is permanently displayed on the left hand side of the screen, if you logged in. You can either click on this or on the Shopping Cart link to display the details of your order. If you want to remove something, simply tick the 'remove' box next to the item in your shopping cart that you wish to remove, and then click the 'update' button. This will then remove the products which you "ticked" to be removed.
Your selections in Shopping Cart will stay there until you delete them. So you can log off and return to finalise your wine purchase at a later date.

2.6 How do I complete a purchase?
When you have all the items you wish to purchase in your shopping cart, it is recommended that you read delivery information and privacy policy, then go to your basket and click the Send order and pay online button which will then take you to the payment area to pay for your selected items.
To order on the web you just need to enter your details into special fields inside the Shopping cart, confirm your selected order by pressing Send order and pay online and to finalize the purchase by confirming your payment in PayPal payment section.
You can also create an account within the online shop, and we actually recommend you to do that. Registration is quick and easy. For registred users we have several useful features as well as bonus system based on orders’ history. Special features for example are:
- Personal orders history – you can check previously placed orders at any time (in My Account)
- Secondary delivery address – For your convenience, you may enter an alternative delivery address and any other specific details in the applicable areas which are clearly represented. The system will remember delivery addresses of 3rd parties as well so that you can reorder and send gifts easily.
If you have previously registered you need only need to enter your e-mail address and password to continue, this will then pre-fill most of the checkout requirements for you based on the information supplied during previous orders and the details stored in your account with the shop. These details are stored for you in My Account.

2.7. Will I receive a confirmation that my ordered is accepted and paid?
After you have placed your order online, you will be able to print/save an invoice issued to your name with full description of products purchased as well as shipping cost. We will send you an order acknowledgement email with the subject “Thank you for your purchase at costadeivini.it” containing your order information.

2.8 Are my payments secure?
All payments to costadeivini.com are secured by PayPal (www.paypal.com). PayPal is world’s leading company for processing internet payments and now a subsidiary of eBay, world’s largest online auction and shopping website. Your payments are processed by PayPal and could not be safer.
The client’s database is stored on our server, whose security is continuously updated with the latest secure server encryption technologies.
We recommend that you check the details of the items you are ordering before making your purchase. Clicking on the Send order and pay online button takes you through the required pages to the point at which you can enter your payment details and complete your order securely online. You will need to choose from one of the card types that PayPal accepts for online payments. You can use MasterCard, Visa, American Express as well as PayPal itself if you have registered account with them.

2.9 Can I send a message or card along with a wine gift?
Yes you can. Simply add your message in the Message box at Secondary Delivery Address in My Account . We will place the card containing your message into the wine parcel. Note that for this you need to be registered as a user.

3. Shipping with costadeivini.com
3.1. Where can be wine shipped?

Please note, that wine purchased on costadeivini.com will be delivered on the "door-to-door" basis, that means that you will recieve it at home (unless the other kind of address is indicated).
The wine purchased on costadeivini.com can be shipped to all the European Union countries, Switzerland, USA (excluding Utah), Canada, Russia, Turkey, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. In the Shipping rates section You can find the exact list of the countries to where delivery cost is more than just reasonable.

In case you don’t find your country in Shipping rates section, please email to info@costadeivini.it the country where the wine shall be delivered prior placing an order and we will inform you about the possibilities and cost of delivery during 24 hours by email.

We reserve the right to refuse any shipment to any country if it will appear that regulations do not permit us to ship to those destinations due to the recent changes in local law or whatsoever. If you are located in a country to which we cannot ship then you will receive a full refund to your card within 48 hours of placing an order.

3.2. Who is arranging the delivery?
Costadeivini.com has co-operation agreement with the biggest Italian forwarding agency Bartloni Spa (www.bartolini.it). For sending wine-orders up to 18 bottles Bartloni uses connections of European-wide network for small and medium size packages DPD (www.dpd.com) which makes delivery faster and delivery cost much cheaper. For bigger orders as well as for remote territories like USA, Canada, Russia, Turkey or Far East we use our specialized agent - Mail Boxes Etc, which is wellknown specialist in wine delivery worldwide www.mbeeurope.com

3.3. Is your package enough safe for delivery of wine?
We use one of the most safest types of package, which is made of multilayer carton constructed into multilevel “cradle” for each and every bottle. This package also one of the most environmental friendly as it can be easily recycled together with paper.

3.4. What are your delivery charges?
Shipping cost for the major countries is presented in our Shipping rates section. Please be advised that shipping cost for every territory is presented according to the number of bottles to be shipped.
Delivery charges to most of countries are automated in our system. When you enter your destination the delivery charge will be applied automatically.
Please follow this link to learn about shipping rates to different destinations.

3.5. Can I optimize delivery costs?
Yes, absolutely! Despite being able to offer you low shipping rates, we would also recommend you to make careful multiple-bottle selection in order to optimize your delivery costs even more efficiently.
For example, You are ordering 6 bottles of 100% Ciliegiolo from Maremma (8,70 € per bottle) for a total amount of 52,20 € to be delivered to Copenhagen. Delivery cost to Copenhagen is 28 €. No problem with that, especially if you were looking for this wine since last summer, just please note, that delivery cost of 12 bottles to Copenhagen is just a bit more – 34 €.
By learning this information from our Shipping rates you will see that by making an order of 12 bottles you will eventually achieve lower cost of delivery per bottle.
This easy example may help you to make a clever selection of wines, where you can see that price of shipment per bottle will become more reasonable, especially in regard to the total value of the order together with shipment.

3.6. When will I receive my shipment?
All the orders received on working day by 10 am CET will be despatched to our shipping courier during same day, if received after 10 am CET, then it will be dispatched during following working day. Standard delivery time to most of European countries is 3-4 working days after the day of dispatch. For other world destinations this time may vary from 5 to 12 days.
If you need the wine for a particular date, or before a particular date please make sure you mention this in the Comments section when placing your order. Please contact us at info@costadeivini.it for any specific delivery requests marking DELIVERY SPECIAL in the email’s subject.

3.7. Can it happen, that something is out of stock?
It is our policy to stock all items which we list on our website and to ensure that producers are able to restock us on a regular basis. Normally we don’t have such a situations when we are out of stock for any item, but in case particular wine is in high demand and is out of stock we will contact you only if delivery of the item from producer to us is likely to take more than 3 working days. In these extremely rare cases we will advise you of the delivery time frame we can meet, or recommend an alternative wine or refund your payment if you do not want to proceed with the order.
An Important Notice: Costadeivini.com reserves a right to ship the wine of the next following vintage without any notification in case the previous vintage (the one, which is indicated in the webshop) is finished.

3.8. What if no one is home to meet the courier?
If no one is home, the courier will leave a card to say she/he has been (also indicating his contacts) or will call to the telephone number provided in your Account Information with costadeivini.com.

3.9. Can I return the wine for any reason?
Yes you can. We are committed to giving you complete satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with any costadeivini.com product, simply return it within 30 days of receiving it, and we will promptly issue a refund for the value of the item, or replace the product of adequate value (your choice) free of charge.
It must be in a saleable condition in its original, undamaged packaging, and we will consider the overall condition when making a refund (this does not affect your statutory rights in the event of faulty goods).
If you intend to return any part of your order, please e-mail us at info@costadeivini.it marking RETURN in the e-mail’s subject. All exchanges or returns must be shipped within 30 days of receiving your order together with a letter detailing why you are returning the product. Carefully secure and package the merchandise to prevent damage in transit (you may use the same package you received the product with, therefore please unpack the goods carefully in order not to destroy it). Shipping and handling charges are NOT refundable unless the goods delivered were incorrect, damaged or faulty.

3.10. How do you manage with the damaged goods?
If during the transport the parcel has been damaged or opened, at the arrival of the goods, you have to sign the delivery note “Check on delivery”. In this way you can inspect your consignment in front of the courier and let us know the condition of the bottles. The best way is to send an explanation of the problem by mail to info@costadeivini.it marking DAMAGE in the e-mail’s subject - we will get in touch with you and with our shipping agent for clarification of the issue. You may be requested to send a photo of the damaged goods or to send back the faulty items.
Eventually only the goods arrived in good condition will be charged. You just need to inform us about the problem within 7 working days from the date of delivery.
Besides, if you change your mind, according to the Italian law (Decree Law 22/5/1999 n. 185) you can cancel your order just sending an e-mail to info@costadeivini.it. If you send the goods back within 10 working days from delivery, transport will be to our charge and the value of damaged goods will be reimbursed to your credit card within 2 weeks from arrival of returned goods to us.

3.11. What if it is a “corked wine”?
It is important for us to guarantee the quality and the service, especially after-sales. For example, if, when you open your bottle, you smell a “corked wine”, you have nothing to do, but send back the cork itself, enveloped, to our address and if our expert after inspection will find that it is due to a cork fault, we will send you a new bottle just like the one you had previously bought. The delivery of one bottle will be to our charge.

4. What is the policy of costadeivini.com regarding privacy?
We undertake to protect our customers’ privacy and their personal information will be considered as strictly confidential. For further information please read our privacy policy page.