About us

We are wine retailing company Costa dei vini Srl registered in Italian province Livorno (Tuscany). Main activity of the company is concentrated around this online project costadeivini.com The name Costa dei Vini reflects the essence of the project as in Italian it means The coast of wines.
The entire project was conceived in 2008 by wine enthusiasts from Northern Europe. Being visited Tuscany and particularly its coast as tourists for many times, creators of the website fell in love with this area and decided to launch an online project for promoting the area all along the Tuscan coast as well as local winemakers with their wine.
For that they had to learn this land even more systematically, to visit vast number of places producing fine wine, to meet hundreds of people involved into production and sales, and eventually to chose the best ones, or let's say, "indicative" ones to be presented in the project.
As a result the creators of website today live on the coast and manage the project "on the spot".

The company’s main office (and also Costa dei vini wine shop “Via Aurelia 123”) is at:

Via Aurelia 123, Donoratico
57022 Castagneto Carducci
(Livorno) Italy
Phone: +39 392 889 5011
Email: info@costadeivini.it

Company’s registry code at commune of Castagneto Carducci (Livorno): 144926
VAT number: IT01639100492

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