Fattoria Sorbaiano


Fattoria Sorbaiano: a dream of a miner never been so close to… wine

Fattoria di Sorbaiano is only a short distance from the ancient medieval hilltop town of Montecatini Val di Cecina in the upper Maremma. Immersed in a highly evocative lunar landscape, Sorbaiano, in ancient time was a Roman farm settlement. Since the 1960s the estate has belonged to the Picciolini family.
The entire complex covers an area of approximately 270 hectares, comprising 160 ha of cereal crops, 70 ha of woodland and the rest covered by vineyards and olives groves. Situated at a height of 300-400 meters above sea level and with a south/south-east exposure, all the vineyards are in the Montescudaio DOC district. Of no less importance is the production of extra-virgin olive oil and the agro-tourism facilities offered by the estate.
Sorbaiano estate from bird's-eye view  Streets of Montecatini Val di Cecina View on Cecina Valley from Sorbaiano. Montecatini v.d. Cecina on the left, Volterra is just few kms away
Recent renovation work on the cellar has led to the completion of a process that can support and benefit the production of fine wines. There is also a small Vinsanto cellar, where limited quantities of Vinsanto Montescudaio DOC, made in accordance with the ancient method of straining and drying grapes on racks, are aged for over five years.
An old copper mine, which provided Montecatini Val di Cecina with a degree of prosperity in the early middle ages (now just one of the touristic attractions in a form of local museum) has inspired Sorbaiano winemakers to give a name to their top wine - Rosso delle Miniere.
Last year Fattoria Sorbaiano faced very important benchmark – 50th anniversary of the estate. Together with the owner of the estate Grazia Picciolini, it has been achieved by cellar master Francesco Berti.
Grazia Picciolini and Franchesco Berti Drying the grapes on the racks for Sorbaiano Vin Santo Cement vats remained after reconstruction of older winery are still under effective use